Iran funding Hezbollah & Houthis with drug money

The mullahs’ drug trade providing millions of dollars for Hezbollah & Houthis

Militias linked to the Iranian regime are using money obtained from their drug trade to provide for their meddling activities, according to General Turki al-Maliki, spokesman for the Arab coalition as cited by Al Arabiya website.

Yemen’s Houthis and the Lebanese Hezbollah are involved in the drug trade to provide for the Yemen war expenses, according to General Turki al-Maliki.

The Arab coalition took all measures to realize the Houthi delegation’s visit to Geneva for the U.N. sponsored talks in hopes of reaching a solution, the coalition spokesman added.

Considering the naval threats posed by the Houthis, al-Maliki emphasized the Arab coalition has adopted the measures necessary to ensure security for shipping lives.

Six ballistic missiles launched by the Houthis targeting civilian sites inside Saudi Arabia have been intercepted and destroyed, the coalition spokesman added. He also provided images of where the Houthis’ missile launchers are located. It is worth noting the United Nations and U.S. government have put forward documents proving how the Iranian regime has been providingarms and ballistic missiles to the Houthis in Yemen.

The Arab coalition spokesman also reported success and military advances made by the Yemen army, with air support provided by the coalition forces. The al-Zale route has been witnessing intense clashes between the Houthis and the Yemen National Army.

Furthermore, the Arab coalition continues to issue necessary licenses and permissions for ships delivering humanitarian aid to Yemen, the Arab coalition spokesman added. The Houthis, however, are persisting their trend of laying mines in various areas, unfortunately resulting in Yemeni citizens losing their lives, he added.

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